The LIBC Jobs Club invites individuals of all ages, male and female, to join its ranks and experience
the camaraderie and bonding to help get through the interviewing cycle, mid-life.  The Co-founder of the Long Island Breakfast Club now
Founder & CEO of the new LIBC Jobs Club is now accepting new members and considerations for submissions for stories on the effects of
downsizing and interviewing to be published in a new book called "Life After the Big Bad Boot."

Since 2006 now going into 2013-2014 The LIBC Jobs Club will continue to provide advocacy, support, career employment
counseling, and referals to prepare individuals for productive employment.  A group of diverse individuals trying to decrease age
discrimination. The organization's membership consists of those who need the extra support to continue momentum in
searching for jobs in the mid-life years.  

As Founder  "Although it is not uncommon for people to frequently change jobs,
it is a struggle for middle age seekers to gain employment."  _ChrisFidis

It is the continuing goal of the organization to assist with providing referrals, companionship, business networking,
contacts for interviewing and mentors for each individual's success.

" They say in the end, all that really matters are the connections and relationships people share."  _ChrisFidis 

" Pick yourself up, Dust Yourself Off, And Just Re-Invent Yourself. " _ChrisFids

Opportunities - Looks allot like hard work.  You are no better than any job out there, be lucky to have a job.  Use it to get to the next.
Being Sexy - The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, Be thoughtful, Be generous.  Everything else is crap!
Living Life - Build a Life don't just live one.
Ashton Kutcher

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 The Long Island Breakfast Club  - Re-Invent Your Self Start A New Career.

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***  Fee May Apply To Attend ***
" The Dust Yourself Off
Re-Invent Your Self
Job Networking Meeting "
Requires an RSVP.to attend.
Questions? Call 516.308.2291






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